The Sphere of Ideas

When it comes to ideas, I like to familiarize myself with all of them. Even dead ones.

And even though some ideas are dead—like the Ptolemaic Geocentric model of the Universe—they still deserve attention and time. Because we must remember that some ideas and theories are accepted even when they are false. (Kinda like the idea of religion.)

As our knowledge increases and as our experimental methods become more refined, we must allow new knowledge to supplement—or, when necessary, supplant—the old. This is a natural process, kinda like the sloughing off of old skin.

For instance: the heliocentric theory supplanted the geocentric theory. And the heliocentric theory is not likely to be supplanted.

For instance: Einstein’s theory of gravitation supplemented Newton’s theory. But the two models can coexist side by side.

Here are three of my favorite ideas: the evolutionary theory of biology, the big bang theory of the expanding universe, and the cognitive realist approach to philosophical inquiry.

Even though some people think that the “jury is still out” on these ideas, I think the jury will, over time, find them to be true. True ideas will out.

Perhaps that is a principle of the noosphere.


One Response to The Sphere of Ideas

  1. usha89 says:

    heyy cool blog nice way of presenting ones belief on idea’s………ur sphere of idea’s seem’s to be quiet wide.

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