Religious Rhetoric

As regular readers may now, I am highly critical of religious rhetoric and argument. Recently, I posted about an author online who claimed to believe in God, but not a hominid fossil. In other words, the author is critical of evolutionary biology; he is a creationist.

And today I found another article by Mr. Alexa about the apocalyptic effects of global warming and climate change. Mr. Alexa’s second paragraph:

Being the masters of the physical Universe, and, according to the Bible, the very purpose of God’s creation, humans are now faced with a sour truth: they are the most destructive element of Nature, rather than the supreme accomplishment of our Divinity.

Mr. Alexa then goes on to cite the scientific evidence that demonstrates the threat we pose to the environment.

What I find curious about Mr. Alexa’s rhetoric is that he cites one science—marine biology—in support of his arguments on the one hand, but he denies another science—evolutionary biology—when it conflicts with his religious beliefs.

Mr. Alexa: you cannot have it both ways. The governing paradigm of all biology is the theory of evolution. And here is a chilling fact: 99% of all species that have ever lived are now extinct.

We are not the “masters of the physical Universe” any more than we are the “very purpose of God’s creation.” And if we wipe ourselves out with an apocalypse, then we, like so many species before us, will also become extinct.

And Gaia will barely have noticed our brief passage at all.


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