How many more milestones?

Yet another milestone on the march to freedom, Saddam is sentenced to hang for his crimes against humanity.

I imagine George is feeling schadenfreude right now. Or maybe he feels the distant tinglings of a noose tightening around his own neck.


2 Responses to How many more milestones?

  1. Travis says:

    I doubt George ever feels Schadenfreude. To delight in the misery of others, one must know if others are miserable. George doesn’t care about those kinds of details.

  2. Steve says:

    You know, I get the feeling this is a victory for Bush. Those that don’t actually follow the news closely might view this as Osama’s right-hand man being brought to justice. Let’s not forget what percent of Americans still believe WMD’s were found in Iraq.

    In better news, I actually had to stand in line for fifteen minutes to vote today, and it was at 2pm–a good voter turn-out this time around?

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