Mythic Inundation and Forthcoming Cataclysms

Perusing the NYT Science section, I found this article covering a theory that links mega-tsunami’s to asteroid impacts. A mega-tsunami is one that would make the recent Aceh tsunami look like a spring rain storm.

One of the team of scientists is an expert in the “structural analysis of myth.” The mythic theorist claims that he has located the meteor impact that led to the myth of the flood: the meteor crashed into the earth and caused a mega-tsunami on May 10, 2807 B.C. Of the 175 flood myths

Half the myths talk of a torrential downpour, Dr. Masse said. A third talk of a tsunami. Worldwide they describe hurricane force winds and darkness during the storm. All of these could come from a mega-tsunami.

Given my recent ruminations on apocalypse, I wonder if apocalyptic myths stem from a simple source: because we were nearly wiped out in the past, it stands to reason that we will probably be nearly wiped out at some time in the future.

And surely the coming cataclysm will create myths of its own, in the forthcoming millenia.

But why should I worry?


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