The AI of Gaia

When I refer to the internet and the world wide web as the emerging mind of Gaia, I am being mythopoeic; and when I ask Google questions, I do interpret the results in terms of the myth I am expressing. After all, we all have our own lenses and biases through which we filter and interpret incoming information.

And now I read of a future that is hardly myth: of a semantic web that is capable of answering any question expressed in plain language:

[T]he Holy Grail for developers of the semantic Web is to build a system that can give a reasonable and complete response to a simple question like: “I’m looking for a warm place to vacation and I have a budget of $3,000. Oh, and I have an 11-year-old child.” (Source)

It seems apparent that artificial intelligence is an emerging reality; it is just taking an unexpected form.

And just because I enjoy mythology (and assonance), I choose to call that emerging AI the mind of Gaia.


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