Why do church fathers fear dark holes?

The Catholic priesthood is unswerving in its devotion to celibacy, a quaint notion that ignores the simple biological truth that we exist to have sex and reproduce.

But simple biological and sexual truths frighten men who wear dark robes; men who, for some reason, feel threatened by the damp moist holes into which they dream of poking their poles.

Perhaps the fear of dark holes stems from an unconscious fear of black holes—places which have never seen, and never can see, the light of Jesus.

If I were god and had to listen to nattering prayers and braying ululations, and if I had to endure centuries of priests and their anguished erections, I’d probably throw myself into a black hole.

Hmm. Maybe that’s where god is hiding.


2 Responses to Why do church fathers fear dark holes?

  1. Steve says:

    You know, I think you’d have a hard time arguing that rational creatures are still slaves to the biological imperative. The instant conscious thought enters the picture, it’s a difficult case to show that either natural selection or evolution still continue in the same DNA-based format.

  2. scaro says:

    Well, I was thinking more on the level of population than one instance of a rational individual.

    Complete celibacy is apparently very difficult. And the obstinate avoidance of sex is an extreme example of overcoming our “slavish” relationship to the bilogical imperative.

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