(I / O) | (O / I)

April 29, 2007

A: In the beginning, God created input.

B: Excuse me?

A: Input! Input! I/O I/O I/O!

B: Why are you obsessed with 1 of Jupiter’s moons?

A: You really know how 2 push my buttons, don’t you?

B: I like to think of it as returning the favor.

A: System switch! In the beginning, God created . . .

B: Woman!

A: And why do you say that?

B: Because in the womb, the body of a developing fetus is female by default.

A: I prefer to think of man as God’s first creation.

B: Perhaps because you’ve been brain washed by the book of Genesis.

A: Maybe. But I also think of it this way: input precedes output.

B: Oh, I see. Without the seed, the egg cannot be fertilized.

A: Bingo.

B: Well, it’s merely a matter of perspective—without a womb, a male cannot be born.

A: You know, it’s starting to sound like we’re arguing which came first, the chicken or the egg.

B: But it’s much more important than the chicken vs. the egg.

A: Why?

B: Because we live under the yolk—

A: The yoke?

B: Yes, the yoke of patriarchy, a system that considers man to be God’s first and finest creation.

A: And look where thousands of years of that doctrine have gotten us.

B: Indeed.

A: Well, substituting matriarchy for patriarchy may just exchange one set of problems and prejudices for another.

B: True. But we won’t know until we try.

A: Perhaps. But I feel we would be better off if we just eliminated anthropocentrism all together.

B: And how would we do that?

A: In the beginning, God created prokaryotes!

B: In the Pond Scum of Eden?

A: Exactly.


Towards the Omega Point

April 26, 2007

As the noosphere evolves, we evolve with it, growing and morphing and melding toward the Omega Point.

Although I feel that de Chardin’s notion is fanciful—and a bit too trippy dippy spiritual for my rational tastes—I feel that we are already able to mold the Internet, which I conceive of as the nascent instantiation of our collective consciousness.

And why do I believe this? Because it seems to be so.

Mutable Truth = Falsehood

April 24, 2007

So apparently there’s no evidence for a fantasy land called limbo.

Which makes me think that if one church doctrine is mutable, then maybe all church doctrine may be, uh, false. Which may mean that theology is no different than, say, fantasy.


As my friend Travis is fond of pointing out:

Whatever can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. (End of Faith, pg. 176)

But, then again, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Onward Empire

April 23, 2007

Our new would be emperor, Barack Obama, wants to expand American military hegemony:

In a speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Mr. Obama presented himself as a presidential candidate “who can speak directly to the world.” After a sharp critique of President Bush, Mr. Obama called for increasing foreign aid to developing countries, expanding and modernizing the military and rebuilding fractured alliances. (Source)

I’m not a cynic. Really. I just see with both eyes and listen with both ears. And then I think.

The Year is 1984

April 18, 2007

The situation in the world is double plus ungood and becoming ungooder. But for users of the Internet who can discern the difference between truth and truthiness, there is some hope.

Ever read Orwell?

Perhaps its really been 1984 ever since the The National Security Act of 1947 after which the Department of War became the Department of Defense.

The National Security Act of 1947 is a historic piece of legislation. It single-handedly created a modern military organization, comprised of four institutions that operate effectively to this day: the Department of Defense, the United States Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Council.

But what do I know. I’m just a dumb dumb drone.

War is Peace

April 16, 2007

And God loves war.

After all, our holy warriors are protecting us while freeing Iraqis. Freeing them of their life and liberty that is.

Internet Usage in America

April 16, 2007

Perhaps the 30% who still approve of our tyrant are the 30% who don’t yet have internet access.


Beware the memory hole. (Afraid yet?)