(I / O) | (O / I)

A: In the beginning, God created input.

B: Excuse me?

A: Input! Input! I/O I/O I/O!

B: Why are you obsessed with 1 of Jupiter’s moons?

A: You really know how 2 push my buttons, don’t you?

B: I like to think of it as returning the favor.

A: System switch! In the beginning, God created . . .

B: Woman!

A: And why do you say that?

B: Because in the womb, the body of a developing fetus is female by default.

A: I prefer to think of man as God’s first creation.

B: Perhaps because you’ve been brain washed by the book of Genesis.

A: Maybe. But I also think of it this way: input precedes output.

B: Oh, I see. Without the seed, the egg cannot be fertilized.

A: Bingo.

B: Well, it’s merely a matter of perspective—without a womb, a male cannot be born.

A: You know, it’s starting to sound like we’re arguing which came first, the chicken or the egg.

B: But it’s much more important than the chicken vs. the egg.

A: Why?

B: Because we live under the yolk—

A: The yoke?

B: Yes, the yoke of patriarchy, a system that considers man to be God’s first and finest creation.

A: And look where thousands of years of that doctrine have gotten us.

B: Indeed.

A: Well, substituting matriarchy for patriarchy may just exchange one set of problems and prejudices for another.

B: True. But we won’t know until we try.

A: Perhaps. But I feel we would be better off if we just eliminated anthropocentrism all together.

B: And how would we do that?

A: In the beginning, God created prokaryotes!

B: In the Pond Scum of Eden?

A: Exactly.


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