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A: You know what I think?

B: I’m afraid you’re about to tell me.

A: I think that the barrier between words and symbols and numbers is breaking down.

B: Please provide an example.

A: Gladly. For instance, I’m beginning to perceive human sexual relations in binary terms.

B: You’re tired of masturbation?

A: No. Yes.

B: Zero. One.

A: What?

B: Never mind. Please continue.

A: Ok. For example, let me construct a metaphor. Human sexuality occurs between poles and holes.

B: For a moment I thought you were going to say “between men and women.”

A: Ever hear of homosexuality?

B: I’ll assume that’s a rhetorical question.

A: Returning to my metaphor: human sexuality occurs between poles and holes.

B: Let me guess: you’re assigning binary digits to poles and holes.

A: Exactly! Holes are zero and poles are one.

B: I see what you mean. Holes are round, hence zero.

A: Right!

B: And poles are straight, hence one.

A: Yes!

B: You’re forgetting that some holes are lesbian and some poles are gay.

A: Yes, but one represents a man and one is straight.

B: I thought you were bisexual.

A: I’m confused.

B: Same difference.


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