Slowing Down, Tuning Out

My friend Steve was the one who first suggested that I start blogging. He thought it would be a good way to keep in touch and in tune with what we were thinking. I began gingerly, wary that blogging would lead to a false sense of intimacy. And to some degree it has: Many times I have only learned about a friend’s crisis by reading his or her blog.

But then I realized that I was using the blog as a scratch pad, as a place to first pen my thoughts. And eventually, some of those thoughts ended up on my website. Today, in the middle of this glorious Seattle summer, I find my creative streams drying up. Or, if not drying up, then turning in other directions. That’s why I’ve been paying less and less attention to blogging. Blogs are ubiquitous nowadays. And the days of the solo blogger are coming to a close.

No, this isn’t one of those “I will never blog again” posts, but it is an admission that I need a break from this form of expression. The Internet already consumes enough of my life, and I feel a keen need to acquire hobbies that have absolutely nothing to do with computers or with the Internet. So I’m slowing down and tuning out; and spending more time outdoors.

Or maybe it’s just that I find that this form of narcissism is no longer amusing.


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