Although I am a close observer of American politics, I recognize that my pastime is futile. The nation that we are indoctrinated to believe is blessed by God no longer exists: the myth of America rings dead in my ears.

As Ralph Nader and Amy Goodman never tire of pointing out, our public landscape is dominated by corporate interests. And with a respectful nod to George Orwell, our “public” media is hardly public. But voices like Nader’s and Goodman’s (and Noam Chomsky’s) lie on the periphery of public awareness. And even in the progressive blogosphere, I rarely see Goodman and Nader and Chomsky mentioned at all.

We live in a world where definitions are mutable and the year is 1984. I admire those who still participate in the system and who are hopeful that the damage done by the Bush administration can be corrected by the 2008 election. But the entrenched power structure—and the concomitant wealth that empowers it—are not going to be altered by one election.

The ills of our society and culture are not going to be healed in one generation. Or at all.

For only the dead have seen the end of war.


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