Thought Experiment

. Understanding is an embodied concept …

.. Sound is a dimension, one that conveys meaning ..

… Playing with sounds opens the door to the dimension of meaning .

Let me demonstrate. Here are two latin phrases that I suggest you play with: intelligo & nescio.

CJC : Int . ell . i . go = I understand = I grasp = go = 1
CJC : Ne . sc . i . o   = I do not know = I drop = stop = 0

The dots represent (switches / jumps) from one (neuron / system) to another.

Each syllable has multiple interpretations: This syllabic polysemy is a weird aspect of sound that you have to feel—there’s that embodiment again—to grasp.

CJC is my shorthand for “conjacere,” a neologism that I derived from conjecture.


Warning: Only experienced mentats should play these experiments while in programming mode. The not-yet-on cannot understand.


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