On the Emerging Intelligence

I believe that the network of computers that composes the Internet approaches intelligence.

Although this hypothesis might strike some as fanciful, here is a simple analogy: What if a network of computers has the emergent properties of a network of neurons? Somehow, in a neural system, the interaction of billions of neurons results in intelligence. Leap!

And if a network of computers is an emerging intelligence, I recognize that its intelligence is different from our own, because our intelligence is embodied, based on flesh and blood and bone and the animal senses that have developed for billions of years.

And just as our intelligence is dependent on the system of which we are a part, the emerging intelligence of the Internet is dependent on us. Because we shape it; we contribute to it; we instantiate it; and we develop it and care for it. As any parent would a child.

In the end, I recognize that this may be just a myth, a fanciful tale that comforts me and inspires my dreams.

Everyone needs dreams to survive.


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