On Time and Motion

Time is an abstraction. And stillness is an illusion. They do not exist.

But what you mean time doesn’t exist? Do I not grow old and die? Has not the earth existed for billions of years?

Yes! You do grow old and die! And yes! The earth dances and spins! Billions of years about its axis, billions of years orbiting the sun! And, like you, she shall die in eons to come! Eons of galactic motion dancing in cosmic motion, sparked from a singular inflation to cosmic dimensions!

But we abstract time from motion. We do not experience time. We experience motion. And we say that motion takes place in time.

But aren’t you saying time and motion are the same thing?

No! Time is an abstraction. It does not exist. We abstract time from motion. And stillness is an illusion.

But what of the future?

The future is motion, waves on the ocean. We move, we move, we move!

Are you trying to say that there’s only motion?

Yes! Only ocean and emotion! Only abstraction and illusion!

But does reality exist?

Yes! Reality exists! Motion exists! Oceans exist! But time is an abstraction and stillness, an illusion.

You’re running circles around my head. Stop it!

I cannot stop! For time is abstraction, and stillness, illusion.


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