C J C : A M O M E M M X A

July 14, 2008

O   \   |

M   +  X

A   ∨   E


Formal Systems 2

July 13, 2008

A: What formal system would you like to discuss?

B: Let’s take the system of binary logic.

A: T slash F.

B: Exactly.

A: But what is true? What is false?

B: True and false are two values we apply to statements.

A: Some statements, not all.

B: Correct. Like any formal system, binary logic limits the types of statements that are applicable. Logic works with statements, or propositions, that are factual.

A: But why the limitation?

B: Because formal systems restrict, or bind, the domains they analyze.

A: Ahh. There’s your bondage theme again.

B: You’re the one who said I fetishize formal systems.

A: I was being metaphorical.

T / F : A M O L E M D A O

July 12, 2008

O   A   O

L   M   D

A   E   M