Cynicism in C Minor

A: Your cynicism begins to border on nihilism.

B: I’ve been reading Nietzsche.

A: Maybe you should read something more upbeat, more positive.

B: But I enjoy dancing with shadows.

A: Is there no room for hope in your philosophy?

B: There is more in heaven and earth. . .

A: Yes, yes. Than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

B: My philosophy is pessimistic, true. I often feel hope is the denial of reality.

A: Reality is a matter of perception: the world is what you make of it.

B: Relativistic bullshit. My attitude toward my perceptions cannot change the reality of what I perceive.

A: A rose by any other name?

B: In a sense. Try sniffing this: the reality of my existence, of my life, is — apparently — a mirror of reality on a grander scale.

A: In the key of C minor?

B: In a sense. Before the opening note, an eternity of silence. Then brooding melodies, turbulent harmonies, struggle and strife —

A: Your life — all life — as a dark and brooding symphony, eh?

B: Exactly! And after the closing cadence, there will be. . .

A: Applause?

B: Touché.


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