The Infinite Absurdity of Hinduism

Hindus worship cows. I love how they taste.


Via Der Spiegel, I discovered that some enterprising hindus are bringing a soft drink based on cow urine to market.

Cow urine, from indian cows, apparently also has marvellous curative powers. And how does cow urine acquire these powers? Apparently from its hump, which “serves as a pyramid and absorbs cosmic rays from the universe.”

Unfortunately, we humans lack the holy hump, so our urine is only good for fertilizer. And golden showers.


2 Responses to The Infinite Absurdity of Hinduism

  1. Travis says:

    What about camels? Is the urine from a two-humped camel better than the urine from a one-humped Indian cow? More humps, more chances to absorb cosmic rays from the universe, right? Makes sense to me.

  2. apparently they used cow urine to perm hair when it first started… how mank is that lol

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