A: On the one hand, you despise anthropomorphism and heap scorn upon the masses who believe monkeys to be the sine qua non of creation.

B: That’s right.

A: And you hold most of religion to be fairy tales foisted upon the gullible to placate the ignorant and succor the fearful and to keep charlatans in positions of power.

B: Succinctly put.

A: And you believe what most call God to be a projection of the human psyche, a defense mechanism against an indifferent and callous universe.

B: On the one hand.

A: And on the other, you believe God to be a metaphor, a way to express —

B: or reify —

A: Our most noble impulses. You use the term “God” as a Buddhist uses a finger pointing at the moon.

B: I’m no Zen master.

A: Yet God is your koan.

B: Again, well put. I grant all of your observations and summations.

A: You are generous.

B: And you are kind.

A: But how can you square the circle? How can you hold, on the one hand, religion to be bogus and God as projection and defense mechanism —

B: In the one hand —

A: And in the other God as metaphor and ineffable expression of all that is noble and good within us?

B: Do I contradict myself?

A: You drape yourself in dichotomies.

B: I am huge. I contain multitudes.

A: And you employ literary references as some wear armor.

B: The pen is mightier than the sword.

A: And your tongue sharper than any blade.

B: Touché.


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