Civilization and Exploitation

Civilization is based on exploitation: of the Earth and its resources; of animals and livestock; and of people upon other people. Civilization cannot exist without an underclass, which once were slaves and are now wage slaves, to support it.

Civilization is both creative and destructive. To think that civilization can exist without destruction and exploitation — have you ever seen a field being tilled? — is naïve in the extreme.

Which is not to say that we shouldn’t try to ameliorate or reduce the amount of destruction involved to sustain ourselves. But neither should we be so naïve to believe that “clean energy” can sustain our way of life. Instead, more radical and controversial steps must be taken.

Reduce the population. Stop producing — a negative GDP, anyone? — and stop consuming.

And, perhaps, make one of the guiding pillars of society to be the recognition and reduction of exploitation in all of its forms.


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