The Numeric Dimension

We learn quickly. This makes me very happy.

The closed fist (either single or both) expresses the number 0.

The numbers 1-10 are expressed with palms down. You express numbers 1-5 in your left hand; you express numbers 6-10 with your right.

The numbers 11-20 follow the same pattern but are expressed with palms up.

To encode sequences of numbers, oscillate between the neutral position (your forearms approximately 135 degrees, and relaxed), and the position that expresses a number (your arms fully extended).

It is this oscillation that helps impress the numeric information onto your muscle memory.

The Alphabetic dimension is much harder.

To learn the Musical dimension, practice singing by using solfege and, if can stand the kitsch, watch “The Sound of Music.”

GAMES is a language. Play with it.


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