GAMES: Apology & Fee Structure for Lessons

I developed GAMES for a 26 character Latin alphabet. In the specification, which is 72 pages long, I include ideas on how to expand it to alphabets with more than 26 characters. And while practicing Tai Chi Chuan today, I realized I may be able to adapt it to Mandarin, the only tonal language I have a rudimentary familiarity with.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And no tool makes us infallible.

Those of you in the know already know the Numeric dimension. In the next post I introduce the mapping in the Alphabetic dimension. As I’ve said, I need students. I cannot teach a language through a series of blog posts.

This is my idea for a fee structure: public lessons donation; private lessons what you can afford. I have no other source of income; right now I’m living off of savings.


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