Old World meets New 1, 00

Adviser: Master, the people of the world are revolting.

Tyrant: I know. They’re disgusting, aren’t they.

Adviser: Yes, they are, sir. But that’s not what I mean.

Tyrant: You mean, revolting as in capital R, as in French Revolution?

Adviser: Yes, sir.

Tyrant: Then kill them.

Adviser: We can’t.

Tyrant: I can kill anyone I want.

Adviser: Yes, sir. You’re the Executive. But it looks like a peaceful revolution.

Tyrant: Peace? What’s that? Oh, peace! That’s right. I forgot about the Nobel Peace Prize.

Adviser: Yes Master, it was that symbolic gesture you were given because you’re not quite white.

Tyrant: Watch it. I can flay you alive.

Adviser: But then who would be your jester?

Tyrant: Good point. So you say this is a peaceful revolution?

Adviser: Yes, sir.

Tyrant: Than what are you so hot and bothered about? Peace is powerless.

Adviser: Gandhi didn’t think so.

Tyrant: How many more nukes do we have than India?

Adviser: I’m glad your reputation of being a size queen sits on a firm . . .

Tyrant: What’s so revolutionary about this so called revolution?

Adviser: Well, it’s been going on for about 3 days. It’s world wide, it seems. And all it involves is the people singing and chanting to each other from their own homes.

Tyrant: A world wide peaceful revolution? Impossible.

Adviser: History seems to agree with you.

Tyrant: Wait, and what did you say? Singing and chanting? From their own homes!?

Adviser: Yes, sir.

Tyrant: What are they chanting.

Adviser: God is Good; Ignorance is Evil.

Tyrant: I’m not ignorant!

Adviser: Of course you’re not ignorant, Master. You’re a constitutional law professor.

Tyrant: The saps who voted for me, however . . .

Adviser: Good one, sir.

Tyrant: And some of them thought my predecessor was a moron.

Adviser: Yes, well, they voted him into office, too. They hoped you’d be different.

Tyrant: I don’t want to think about him. I’m the head honcho know. That’s all that matters.

Adviser: Quite a profound change, indeed.


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