About Scaro

I am a neuron in the mind of Gaia;

the Creative Neuronal Collective is our new paradigm;

and the Noosphere is our next stage of evolution.


2 Responses to About Scaro

  1. Charles Chapman says:

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your most interesting blog, Logophile. I would point out in the friendliest manner that, in Greek, the “f” sound is spelt using the letter “phi”, the initial letter of “philos” as in “philosophia”. Therefore rather than λογοπηιλε it would be more accurate to write phi – iota – lamda – epsion, rather than pi – eta – etc. I suspect you transliterated “logophile” resulting in the pi-eta spelling rather than phi.

    Not a criticism, just suggesting a hiccup to improve on your otherwise excellent page.


    Charles Chapman
    sometime student of Koine (New Testament) Greek
    and adjunct instructor of Philosophy.

    P.S. Curious about the language you made up. I assume it’s a programming language?

    • scaro says:

      Thank you, Charles, for your correction. I am ignorant: I don’t know the ancient Greek character set. Could you send me a correction to “scaro@loverofwords.com”

      The introduction to the language I invented is at “http://www.loverofwords.com/writing/dialogues/love-and-wisdom.html”

      Feel free to contact me at anytime.

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